not your average ragdoll (br0ken_dolly) wrote in baypainfatigue,
not your average ragdoll

rheumatologist or GP suggestions?

Hi there,

I have a partner with chronic pain and autoimmune conditions, and who has recently relocated to the bay area after having the same (supportive wonderful) doctor for her whole life managing her care where she came from. You might imagine finding a new doctor to fill his shoes is going to be difficult. (I can't even imagine being lucky enough to have the same doc all my life! Anyway....) She's already had one rotten experience with a rheumatologist out here, and I was hoping I could make it a little easier for her to find a doc out this way. My GP isn't taking new patients right now, so I can't even send her that way to start, so I'm hoping you might have some first-hand suggestions.

The ideal rheumatologist (or GP) would be concerned with all the options my partner has already tried, what already works and what doesn't, (is willing to read through past records) and just generally TRUST their patients. Preferably in Berkeley, Oakland, or Emeryville, but willing to travel into SF, too.

I sure hope for some suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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